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Why Data Manages So Much More for Hiring Now

AU Jobs Online December 21, 2020

There was a time when the number of candidates eligible for a position was more than enough with regards to statistics in hiring. The focus was on narrowing things down to 3 to 5 candidates and going from there to the ideal hire. However, modern hiring consistently sees hundreds of applications for one position, and all of that information provided by applicants has to be processed and filtered to find viable choices.

Even further, the information can now provide key indicators with regards to what is happening with the job market as it pertains to a particular segment or hiring niche. For example, if a position and its qualifications as well as benefits are not appealing or matching well to the desired criteria set, data can show that in the type and quantity of applicants and skillsets received. This kind of trend analysis becomes invaluable when it comes to writing better job notices and hiring campaigns versus shooting out opportunities blindly.

HR managers today should be taking full advantage of data analysis systems as they are applied to job applications and candidate criteria. These data tools give companies a leg up in finding and holding onto the right talent, especially now when the job market is so fluid with skilled candidates easily moving from company to company in days and hours. While there are lots of applicants, the right ones with advanced skillsets tend to be in high demand. If they get buried in hundreds of applications of so-so choices, they get missed.

Companies need to use the data filtering tools readily available to cut through the chaff and find the people who really will be the gems for their operational growth. Data analysis applied to hiring intake is the key and solution for this modern need.