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Tips on Staying Safe While Looking For a Job

AU Jobs Online September 28, 2020

A job search has the potential to produce great benefits. However, it also involves various risks. You could fall ill, lose money to a scam, or become a victim of identity theft. Follow these quick tips to stay safe...

1. Beware of any employment offer that requires you to pay for supplies, information, or training at the beginning.

A legitimate opportunity won't "guarantee" earnings in exchange for cash. Also, be careful when anyone asks for payment using methods that make it difficult or impossible to dispute the charges. They include wire transfers, cryptocurrency, money orders, and prepaid cards.

2. Reveal personal details and identity documents sparingly.

Some criminals use fake job offers to collect the information they need to commit identity theft. They can profit from copies of your passport, birth certificate, driver's license, or concession card. Make sure you only apply for work at legitimate companies.

3. Try to get interviewed via phone or video conferencing when possible.

Numerous in-person interviews could significantly increase your risk of coronavirus infection. If you must visit an office, wear a mask and remember not to initiate handshakes. Ask to reschedule an interview if you feel even mildly ill.

4. Don't let a new employer order you to purchase a mobile phone under your name, even if he or she pays for it.

This person may keep the phone and default on the service charges, harming your credit report. Likewise, avoid any job offers that involve using your personal bank account to accept and transfer payments. You might assist money launderers, thus committing a crime.

If you have doubts about a potential job, don't let anyone pressure you into taking action quickly. Gather more information until you know how to make a safe decision, and remember that there will be other opportunities to find work.