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The Gig Economy

AU Jobs Online April 19, 2021

Various employment sectors have taken a hit over the last year, the gig economy bridges the gap between full and partial employment for many. Job seekers must consider how best to apply their time when taking gig-related opportunities while pursuing a more permanent position at a company. This is not only a concern for the people of Australia in general, but specifically those living in populated cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane.

If you have had difficulty finding a job or building a career through the difficult times that started during the 2020 pandemic, this article will outline a few ways to generate income while things are sorting out.

  • One popular option is operating as a courier. This has many variations, for example, ride-sharing is a popular gig but also making special deliveries by apps that match service requesters with those available to run errands is available.

  • Taking up freelance writing or offering services on platforms like Fiver are also flexible alternatives. They don't require you to keep an exact schedule. Also, you can meter how much work you choose to schedule.

  • One slower-paced opportunity is antiquing and furniture selling. This might require some cash upfront, but it can become a good revenue source. You can even consider offering "up-cycling" services for clients.

  • There seems to be an app or website providing on-demand access to work and service providers in nearly every type of industry. It will not be hard to find a market that suits your specialty.


Until things return to a state of normal, and the jobs that are dependent on that predictable stability return to capacity, this is a viable approach to income generation. People around Australia need opportunities to earn money, and the gig economy is one vehicle to get there. Give it a try to see how it fits with your skill-set and schedule