Career Tips

Networking Tips That Improve Your Job Search Results

AU Jobs Online May 21, 2021

Career networking can open more doors for you, not only when you’re climbing the ladder but also when you’re looking to get your foot in the door. Give the networking tips below a shot to fast-track your job search and get better results.

Prioritize Your References

References are invaluable since these are the people who know what you can do best firsthand. They can endorse your capabilities and skills and boost your track record. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your best references and enlist their help by explaining your current position. Most references will happily give you a leg up, especially if they have been in the same situation before.

Take Note of Other People in Your Network

You probably know more people than you think, even if they’re mere acquaintances. However, family, friends, friends of family or friends, and other close associates are a good place to start when creating a career networking list. Go through your contacts and email address list to ensure you have eyes on everyone with the potential to change your job situation. Remember, this tip only works if you contact and talk to people, no matter how unlikely it seems they’ll be able to help.

Leverage Social Media’s Reach

Social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter help you engage with many people in the comfort of wherever you are. Your virtual networking activities will depend on the platform you use. For instance, LinkedIn is more formal and professional than Twitter. In any case, once you make a connection, it’s possible to take things offline and build a stronger rapport.

Be Present at Networking Events

Attending face-to-face meetings and even virtual networking events can make a big impression on the people who can help you. The good news is there are many networking events you can attend, especially if you belong to a professional organization.

Stay Organized

It helps to be systematic and organized with your networking activities. Create a list of all your contacts and write down your positive attributes as a job candidate so that you can share the information at a moment’s notice. Also, carry business cards, and a pen around in case you need them.

Join a Professional Association

Joining a professional association means you’re rubbing shoulders with individuals of similar mind, such as other job seekers, seasoned professionals, and even potential employees. This can do wonders for your career goals both in the short term and the long term.