Career Tips

Letting Your Skills Guide Your Path

AU Jobs Online November 19, 2020

As a first-time job seeker, you might not know what you are interested in as a career choice. Your job search may drive you from looking for your first career or from changing your current vocation towards a feeling of inadequacy when thinking your qualifications are deficient. In reality, you could possess valuable knowledge that could be used in skills translation when choosing a career. This means using your unique job-related skills to translate into a new or alternative career path.

Instead of searching for a job based on your qualifications, you could rather search for a career path that utilizes your existing skills set. Structuring a resume that focuses on skills or experience, not qualifications is essential to securing appropriate jobs. The question you should be asking is not "what are my qualifications," but rather "what can I do?"

Starting off, list all the different skills you use daily. These could be reading, filing, communication, setting appointments, problem-solving, teaching, management, writing, teamwork, love of technology, innovation, etc. Search for jobs that use these specific skills. A love of communication could direct you to careers in PR, public service, social work, etc. If you are good at problem-solving, you might find your niche in start-up companies, programming careers, product review or design, etc. If you excel at teaching, you could look for a career that involves knowledge and teaching or training children and adults.

In today's dynamic world of work, it is less about what you have learned and more about what you can do. Highly successful people excel at their jobs not because of qualifications but due to skills. Your career path will be successful when you focus on your ability to use skills translation.