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How to Have a Professional Appearance on Zoom

AU Jobs Online October 20, 2020

Zoom is the videoconferencing platform of choice for thousands of companies. By now, you’ve probably used Zoom in one capacity or another related to your job or your job search. In fact, more companies than ever are using Zoom to conduct virtual interviews. Here’s how to have a professional appearance on Zoom.

Use the Virtual Background Feature

Like many folks, you may have your computer set up in your bedroom or a common room in your home. The last thing you want a potential employer to see is your unmade bed or a kitchen countertop full of dirty dishes. Instead, use Zoom’s virtual background feature. You can choose from Zoom-supplied images and moving backgrounds or upload one of your own. For job interviews, choose a professional background like an office, bookcase, or commercial office building. You’ll look great and no one will know that your actual environment is less than ideal.

Dress the Part

You should ensure that you’re just as groomed and polished for your Zoom meeting as you would be for an in-person interview. This means freshly shampooed hair, tidy hairstyle, makeup if you wear it, and manicured nails. if you’ve been stuck inside during the pandemic you might have let things go a bit, but now’s not the time to advertise that. You should also ensure that at least the top half of you is dressed accordingly for an interview. The interviewer won’t see the bottom half, so that doesn’t matter unless you’ll feel more professional wearing the full business attire.

Don’t Fidget

On Zoom, no one has anything better to do than to stare at you. Any slight movement on your part will draw negative attention, so avoid fidgeting with pens, shaking your leg up and down, or tapping your fingers.

Zoom is very useful for job interviews when you can’t do it in person. Just make sure you follow these tips so you look professional every time.