Career Tips

The Gig Economy

Various employment sectors have taken a hit over the last year, the gig economy bridges the gap between full and partial employment for many. Job seekers must consider how best to apply their time when taking gig-related opportunities while pursuing a more permanent position at a company. This is not only a concern for the people of Australia in general, but specifically those living in populated cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane.

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AU Jobs Online April 19, 2021

Company Culture Red Flags

If you are looking for a job, you are interviewing the company just as much as they are interviewing you. You need to find the right working environment for you, your career, and your future. That is why company culture is important. Unfortunately, not every company has a positive company culture. What are a few red flags that you should look out for?

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AU Jobs Online March 15, 2021

How To Ace Your Job Interview

Anxiety is something that we all deal with at various points in our lives. For some of us, that first experience with anxiety could be performing at a school play. For others, that first wave of anxiety could be tied to your first job interview. When you break it down, a job interview is a performance of sorts. You are projecting the best possible version of yourself to your interviewer and answering questions that they may have about your job worthiness.

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AU Jobs Online February 22, 2021

What Are Some of the Best Hacks For A Job Search?

Hopelessness is a sure thing in searching for a job. You're competing with hundreds of job applicants. Don't despair. Try the job hacks below to improve your chances of getting the job of your dreams.

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AU Jobs Online January 18, 2021

Why Data Manages So Much More for Hiring Now

There was a time when the number of candidates eligible for a position was more than enough with regards to statistics in hiring. The focus was on narrowing things down to 3 to 5 candidates and going from there to the ideal hire. However, modern hiring consistently sees hundreds of applications for one position, and all of that information provided by applicants has to be processed and filtered to find viable choices.

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AU Jobs Online December 21, 2020