Career Tips

Three Industries That Still Thrive During the Pandemic

You might think it's challenging to find a job during the pandemic. A lot of places have put holds on their hiring processes. However, some industries do have a surplus of positions available because they are still thriving during the pandemic. Here are three of those industries...

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AU Jobs Online August 6, 2020

Why It's Important to Make Friends With Co-Workers

If you think that making friends in the workplace isn’t important, then you should reconsider. Making friends in the workplace isn’t just about being friendly and enjoying good rapport with your co-workers. It's also about many other things there are important for your ongoing career. The following are just a few of the reasons why it's important to make friends with your co-workers.

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AU Jobs Online June 29, 2020

Mistakes to Avoid in Your Job Search While Social Distancing

In a world where social distancing is the reality, it is sometimes difficult to rely on old standards for practically anything, including your job search. These are a few mistakes you want to avoid in your job search to increase your odds of finding the job you want and getting that job.

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AU Jobs Online May 27, 2020

Working from Home with Children – Setting Boundaries Everyone Can Live With

The reality of the world today is that many people suddenly find themselves working at home with children. With no definitive ending time in sight and some organizations exploring long-term feasibilities of remote working, it is becoming increasingly necessary for people who must work at home to set boundaries for their families and their employers that allow them to keep all parties mollified. These are a few key steps in accomplishing this important task.

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AU Jobs Online April 28, 2020

Being Productive When Your Office is at Home

Sure, there's plenty of perks that come with working from home, but how does one go about staying productive and accomplishing what needs to be done in a workspace that has a loving pet, a child, or Netflix streaming in the background?

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AU Jobs Online March 19, 2020