Career Tips

How to Prep Your Social Media for a Job Search

Think a potential employer won't judge you based on your social media presence? Think again! In today's job market, employers are increasingly looking to social media to learn more about job candidates. That's why it's important to make sure your social media presence is clean, professional, and aligned with the image you want to project.

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AU Jobs Online October 12, 2022

3 Online Portfolio Tricks to Help You Land the Job

Are you anxious about your resume getting lost in the flood of applications that your prospective employer receives? You can stand out from the competition and improve your chances of landing an interview with a strong online portfolio.

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AU Jobs Online September 7, 2022

How to Get Your First Job in 3 Steps

Getting your first job is a significant milestone that most people go through early in their lives. It is an achievement but also a responsibility you have to shoulder. If you are to get your first job and start earning an income, you should know the steps to follow. The following are the three steps you need to get your first job:

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AU Jobs Online August 8, 2022

3 Cold Email Tips To Land Your Dream Job

Job hunting is challenging, and one of the most difficult parts is getting your foot in the door with a potential employer. You may have the perfect qualifications and experience, but if you can't get your resume or cover letter noticed, you'll never even get an interview.

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AU Jobs Online July 7, 2022

Do You Want To Retire Early?

There are only so many jobs out there that you can earn enough money from to guarantee an early retirement. Here’s how to get them.

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AU Jobs Online June 8, 2022