Career Tips

What Are Some of the Best Hacks For A Job Search?

Hopelessness is a sure thing in searching for a job. You're competing with hundreds of job applicants. Don't despair. Try the job hacks below to improve your chances of getting the job of your dreams.

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AU Jobs Online January 18, 2021

Why Data Manages So Much More for Hiring Now

There was a time when the number of candidates eligible for a position was more than enough with regards to statistics in hiring. The focus was on narrowing things down to 3 to 5 candidates and going from there to the ideal hire. However, modern hiring consistently sees hundreds of applications for one position, and all of that information provided by applicants has to be processed and filtered to find viable choices.

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AU Jobs Online December 21, 2020

Letting Your Skills Guide Your Path

As a first-time job seeker, you might not know what you are interested in as a career choice. Your job search may drive you from looking for your first career or from changing your current vocation towards a feeling of inadequacy when thinking your qualifications are deficient. In reality, you could possess valuable knowledge that could be used in skills translation when choosing a career. This means using your unique job-related skills to translate into a new or alternative career path.

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AU Jobs Online November 19, 2020

How to Have a Professional Appearance on Zoom

Zoom is the videoconferencing platform of choice for thousands of companies. By now, you’ve probably used Zoom in one capacity or another related to your job or your job search. In fact, more companies than ever are using Zoom to conduct virtual interviews. Here’s how to have a professional appearance on Zoom.

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AU Jobs Online October 20, 2020

Tips on Staying Safe While Looking For a Job

A job search has the potential to produce great benefits. However, it also involves various risks. You could fall ill, lose money to a scam, or become a victim of identity theft. Follow these quick tips to stay safe...

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AU Jobs Online September 28, 2020